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Blue-Haired Mermaid Overlooking the Sea at Night

Blue-Haired Mermaid Overlooking the Sea at Night

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Handmade, unique 4" diameter resin art piece 

Within this compact canvas, a swirling celestial backdrop unfolds with tiny cosmic tapestry. Shimmering blues and purples intertwine to form the vast, enchanting night sky, adorned with microscopic stars that twinkle with a magical allure.

Amidst this cosmic landscape, miniature resin waves or delicate mermaid figures come to life, intricately sculpted and imbued with a sense of movement. Their graceful forms capture the mermaid's elegance under the cosmic glow.

The piece is a testament to the artist's precision and creativity, presenting a unique and enchanting world within the confines of a 4-inch canvas. The details, though small, invite viewers to peer closely and be transported to a realm where the mermaid's dance harmonizes with the celestial ballet of the night.

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